The quality management system

According to the decision of the top management, a quality management system (QMS) has been developed, documented, implemented and is currently being maintained at JV “Remedy Group” LTD. Each of the processes of this system is managed taking into account modern quality management principles and relevant GMP requirements.

We are confident that successfully functioning and constantly developing QMS, its compliance with national and international requirements and norms is the only civilized way of development of domestic pharmaceutical industry and guarantee of efficiency and safety of products of JV “Remedy Group” LTD.

QMS JV «Remedy Group» LTD based on the following principles:

  • Customer focus
  • The role of the head (lead manager)
  • The involvement of employees
  • The process approach
  • System approach to management
  • Continuous improvement
  • Making decisions based on facts
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

The scope of spreading the QMS:

  • manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products (active pharmaceutical substances and ready to use drugs)

The main processes of the QMS:

  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing
  • Purchasing
  • Technical Maintenance and infrastructure management
  • Manufacturing process
  • Realization
  • Human Resource Management
  • Quality assurance
  • Quality control
  • Warehousing

General Director of JV «Remedy Group» LTD took on the duties and responsibilities for the implementation of the QMS and continually improving its effectiveness. The General Director in personally or through the quality control representative controls and evaluates the effectiveness of the QMS , considering measures for its improvement , monitors their implementation , implements corrective and preventive actions , ensures continual improvement of the QMS.