Contract manufacturing

As we know, pharmaceutical companies are characterized by a certain division of activities. Some companies are specialists in the development and production of new drugs and have a large portfolio of drugs, while others are more specialists in the promotion and sale of drugs than in production. In these circumstances, contract manufacturing is an effective model for professionals in the promotion and sale of medicines. The advantage of this scheme for such companies is that, firstly, in this scenario it is possible to introduce new products to the market fairly quickly without significant costs to build their own plant. Secondly, investments in drug development, registration and production are minimized. Thirdly, you can get a product at a competitive price, which has passed the required research and clinical trials, and produced in compliance with the requirements of regulatory authorities and GMP rules.

Pharmaceutical company JV LLC “REMEDY GROUP” invites to cooperation with domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies in the field of contract manufacturing.

We are ready to produce medicines from our own portfolio to order, under the customers’ trade name and design, with full quality control, in accordance with GMP rules.