Hepatrim ®- granules for preparation of oral solution



Trade name of the drug: Hepatrim®

Active substance (INN): L-Ornithine-L-aspartate

Pharmaceutical form: Granules for preparation of oral solution


1 sachet contains:

Active ingredient: L-ornithine L-aspartate – 3.0 g.

Excipients: Citric acid anhydrous, sodium saccharin, sodium cyclomat, fructose (levulose), coloring orange-yellow “Sunset Yellow” (E110), lemon flavoring, orange flavoring.

Description: light yellow to yellow-colored pellets with white flecks, sweet citrus flavor and aroma.

Pharmacotherapeutic group: hepatoprotectors.

ATX code: A05BA

Pharmacological properties

Reduces the increased level of ammonia in the body, in particular in liver diseases. The action of the drug is related to its participation in ornithine cycle of Krebs urea formation (formation of urea from ammonia). It promotes the production of insulin and somatotropic hormone. Improves protein metabolism in diseases requiring parenteral nutrition.


L- Ornithine-L-aspartate dissociates into its constituent components, the amino acids ornithine and aspartate, which are absorbed in the small intestine by active transport through the intestinal epithelium. Excreted with the urine through the urea cycle.

Indications for use

  • Acute and chronic liver diseases accompanied by hyperammonemia.
  • Hepatic encephalopathy (latent and pronounced).
  • Steatosis and steatohepatitis of various genesis.

Dosage and administration

Inside, 1 sachet of pellets dissolved in 200 ml of liquid, 2-3 times a day after a meal. The course of intake depends on the severity of the disease.

Side effects

Allergic reactions, nausea and vomiting are possible in some cases.


Hypersensitivity to L-ornithine-L-aspartate or other components of the drug. Severe renal insufficiency with creatinine index more than 3 mg/100 ml.

Period of lactation.

Drug interactions

Not described

Special indications

If hepatic encephalopathy is diagnosed due to an underlying disease, caution should be exercised while driving motor transport and engaging in other potentially dangerous activities that require high concentration and quick psychomotor reactions.


Symptoms: increase in the severity of side effects.

Treatment: gastric lavage, activated charcoal administration, symptomatic therapy.

Form of production

Granules for oral solution in sachets-packets of 5.0 g.

Storage conditions

In a dry, dark place at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C. Keep away from children!

Shelf life

3 years. Do not use after the expiration date.

Conditions of dispensing from pharmacies

Released without a prescription.