ArkealoGeNDz Testing Laboratory
Omnium profecto artium medicina nobilissima. (Hippocrates)

Testing Laboratory

Testing Laboratory (TL) of the Quality Control Department (QCD) is an important division of the pharmaceutical company.

During pre-production the drug the testing laboratory conducts followings:

  • Study certificates purchased raw materials , auxiliary materials and packaging ;
  • Laboratory testing of samples procured raw materials;
  • Input control of the acquired and imported into the territory of the enterprise of raw materials , auxiliary materials and packaging ;
  • Control of the sanitary and hygienic conditions of production units and equipment.

In the production of medicines Testing Laboratory performs a stepwise control of the process of manufacturing finished dosage forms.

After completion of the production process, Testing Laboratory conducts control of finished medicines on physical, chemical and microbiological parameters for compliance with regulatory and technical documents.

On TL also entrusted with the maintenance of the archive released into circulation of finished dosage forms.

In addition, TL of the company makes prototypes of new drugs and working out methods of analysis.

RG Manufacturing

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