ArkealoGeNDz The quality management system
Omnium profecto artium medicina nobilissima. (Hippocrates)

The quality management system

In 2011 by the decision of the senior management of the company in JV «Remedy Group» LTD was established, documented , implemented and currently maintaining a Quality Management System (QMS) with the constant improvement of its effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 "Quality Management Systems. Requirements".

In 2012, was decided to implement an integrated quality system in accordance with the requirements is ISO 9001:2008 "Quality Management Systems . Requirements " and GMP EC and TSt 19-01:2003« Rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) ».

QMS JV «Remedy Group» LTD is based on the following principles:

  1. Customer focus
  2. The role of the head (lead manager)
  3. The involvement of employees
  4. The process approach
  5. System approach to management
  6. Continuous improvement
  7. Making decisions based on facts
  8. Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

The scope of spreading the QMS:
  • manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products (active pharmaceutical ingredients and ready to use drugs)

The main processes of the QMS :
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing
  • Purchasing
  • Technical Maintenance and infrastructure management
  • The production process
  • Realization
  • Human Resource Management
  • quality assurance
  • quality control
  • warehousing

General Director of JV «Remedy Group» LTD took on the duties and responsibilities for the implementation of the QMS and continually improving its effectiveness . The General Director in personally or through the quality control representative controls and evaluates the effectiveness of the QMS , considering measures for its improvement , monitors their implementation , implements corrective and preventive actions , ensures continual improvement of the QMS.


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